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Brisbane - Additional IRATA training

This training courses credits can apply toward full IRATA training course.

Brisbane - Additional IRATA training
Brisbane - Additional IRATA training

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the Event

Credits from this course will apply to the following:

Date: TBA

Please contact our staff at to organise a date and time to attend your training.

Location: TBA

Loganholme or Geebung (To be confirm this in booking process)

IRATA Training course:

You can use this as credit in completing 1 of 5 days of IRATA training and assessment.

Verification of competency (VOC):

Normally by request of employer.

Refresher / pre training:

Recommended for upgrading levels.

Condition to apply credit:

  1. Candidates must complete a full trail day
  2. Candidates must book a full course with-in 7 days of attending their trail day
  3. Candidates must attend their full IRATA course with-in 60 days of trial day

Candidates who meet the above may attend a further 4 days training and assessment at a reduced price.

Please speak to your training about additional training options.

Pre course materials and outcome:

IRATA Refresher training is intended to revise and update knowledge and skills. Refresher training does not include an assessment or a new certificate. 

Candidates that should attend refresher training:

- Rope access Technicians not engaged in rope access work for six months or more should attend refresher training.

- As little time is available on upgrade courses for refresher training, pre-course evaluation is recommended to verify the candidates’ current level of competence.

- If rope access Technicians are not using rope access techniques regularly, they should be evaluated for competence prior to the commencement of operational duties.

- Refresher training in particular techniques may be required and the amount of operational supervision necessary afterwards may need to be adjusted, depending on the outcome of the risk assessment.

The training should be appropriate for each individual and should be recorded in his or her logbook (see ICOP [TC-102] Part 2, 

Refresher training:

a) shall be carried out by an IRATA Level 3 rope access Technician;

b) shall not be carried out during operational duties;

c) may involve the need to undergo a full training course.

Note: Graviteq has the facilities to conduct refresher training at all levels. The price advertised is charged per day. Graviteq always try to complete your refresher training in a timely manner, but if the need to complete multiple days refresher training is required your course fees may increase.


  • IRATA Additional Training

    $250 includes one day additional practice / training

  • IRATA Trial day

    IRATA introduction day of Theory and practical training. This training can be used as credit toward a full IRATA training course.

  • IRATA Refresher Training

    $250 includes one day of refresher


    $250 includes one days IRATA Verification of competency for IRATA Level 1, 2 or 3.




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