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Professional Rope Access Services

Commitment to safety is at the core of our values.

Graviteq Pty Ltd is a professional multi-service Perth Rope Access company.

Graviteq  provides unsurpassed standards in safety and quality of workmanship to our Clients.  Gold Coast rope access offers national and international onshore and offshore inspection, maintenance, painting and integrity services. Working at height, we access high-risk and difficult to reach spaces safely, productively and with a broad range of technical skills. 

Industry leaders in rope access

Rope Access Australia Company, through our established offices in Perth and Brisbane, has the unique capacity to respond to Client requirements throughout Australia. To provide a level of service and competence ahead of the competition. 

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“We aim, through proper planning, supervision and training to raise the general standard of rope access; ultimately giving our Clients peace of mind and a superior product at a competitive price.”