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Graviteq Pty Ltd

"Accessing the Inaccessible"

Graviteq is a specialist company providing a myriad of specialist services to industry as well as IRATA rope access courses in Brisbane and Perth. Through our engineering and project management capability, we have the unique capacity to package rope access scopes into maintenance campaigns. Ultimately achieving a streamlined approach within a self-contained team, this approach maintains a high standard of safety and efficiency which ultimately will benefit any prospective client. “Rope Access in Australia”, “Rope Access Perth”,  “Rope Access Training‎ WA”, “ IRATA Courses Perth”, “IRATA Rope Access Training”, “Rope Access”,  “Rope Access Training”,  “Rope Access Courses”,  “IRATA”.

​We aim to help our clients improve their safety results, meet their work health and safety obligations, develop their safety culture, and most importantly, keep their people safe. Leveraging our unique opportunity to partner with many different business sectors, our training goes beyond, teaching students to certify under the international body IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). We also tackle the real world experiences that happen out on the job site to prepare all students to handle any obstacle safely and efficiently. “Rope Access in Australia”, “Rope Access Perth”,  “Rope Access Training‎ WA”, “IRATA Courses Perth”, “IRATA Rope Access Training”, “Rope Access”,  “Rope Access Training”,  “Rope Access Courses”,  “IRATA”.

​Graviteq Pty Ltd (Perth & Brisbane) are a certified IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) operator and training company, providing only IRATA-certified technicians and IRATA-audited and approved operating procedures. Our clients can be assured that Graviteq Pty Ltd Rope access management systems, equipment, training and work methods have been audited to the highest possible international standard for rope access. Only rope access companies with the IRATA certification are able to provide IRATA rope access training.

“Rope Access Perth”,  “Rope Access Training‎ WA”, “ IRATA Courses Perth”, “IRATA Rope Access Training”.‎

​Graviteq has extensive experience providing rope access trade services and an impeccable safety record. Our teams are known for their quick response to problem-solving, high level of rope access and supervisory and trade skills. All employees are energetic and dedicated. We give 100%. Our team is focused on the work scope whilst still maintaining safety and quality as a priority. Our rope access personnel are some of the most experienced rope access technicians in the country. “Rope Access”,  “Rope Access Training”,  “Rope Access Courses”,  “IRATA”, “Rope Access in Australia”, “Rope Access Perth”,  “Rope Access Training‎ WA”, “ IRATA Courses Perth”, “IRATA Rope Access Training”.‎

The benefits of becoming an IRATA-certified rope access company in Australia

IRATA, short for Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, is the leading association in the rope access industry. The IRATA certification course is the most widely recognised and globally respected certifications for rope access.


In Australia, rope access companies with IRATA certification are differentiated by the following:

  • Industry recognition — With international recognition and a strong presence in various industries, including construction, offshore oil and gas, wind power generation and maintenance, the IRATA certification is often the first preference for many companies.

  • High training standards — IRATA has a standardised training syllabus that ensures consistency and quality across various industries. With required certification renewals, you can rest assured that our rope access technicians are up to date with best practices, maintaining a high level of deftness in their rope access competency.

  • Expertise — With the IRATA certification, Graviteq’s rope access technicians are experts that have acquired the specific requirements and mastered every skill set necessary for IRATA’s three-level certification system.


Experience the IRATA difference when you work with Graviteq

Are you ready to access the inaccessible? Look no further than Graviteq, your trusted partner. Your safety is our priority, and as one of the most exemplary rope access companies in Australia, Graviteq has an enviable safety record.


Discover the unparalleled expertise of Graviteq Pty Ltd, now offering our esteemed rope access training programs in Perth, Brisbane and the Philippines. View our training calendars below:


Our comprehensive courses have empowered countless clients to enhance safety outcomes, foster a robust safety culture, fulfil diverse obligations and ensure the well-being of their teams.

Join us today and experience the transformative impact of Graviteq's renowned training services. Take the leap and reach new heights with Graviteq today by contacting us to book your training certification!

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