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_Rope Access Training‎ WA_


Graviteq install and maintain facades and signs. 


We pride ourselves on our service, high work ethic and ability to deliver results on time and budget.

Call us today to discuss how we can help on your next difficult-access project! 

_Rope Access Training‎ WA_


Our trade qualified electricians have the ability to quickly access difficult areas to perform lighting installs and electrical maintenance.


Structural installs

Our Rope Access Technicians have no limit 

_Rope access in australia_

Arial rigging

Graviteq offers complete end to end areal construction solutions. We're proud to offer multiskilled tradesman on ropes. Our professional team are experienced in lifting tons of materials into and out of difficult areas. 

Our team of riggers can access and operate from difficult areas, we can install, lift or rolling equipment using mechanical aid such as a crane or block and tackle all while being suspended in difficult areas. Smaller items under 50kg maybe lifted without cranes or block and tackle.



Dye penetrant testing / Liquid penetrant inspection is the most reliable method of finding defects and discontinuities opened on the surface especially in all non-porous materials. This method is widely used for testing of non-magnetic materials.

In PT method, a liquid/dye penetrant is applied to the surface of the product for a certain predetermined time specified by codes, standards or specifications, after which the excess penetrant is removed from the surface. The surface is then dried and a developer is applied to it.


The penetrant which remains in the discontinuity is absorbed by the developer to indicate the presence as well as the location, size and nature of the discontinuity. Penetrants used are either visible dye penetrant or fluorescent dye penetrant. The inspection for the presence of visible dye indications is made under white light while inspection of presence of indications by fluorescent dye penetrant is made under high intensity ultraviolet (or black) light under darkened conditions.

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