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#IRATA Has updated the Training, Assessment and certification scheme for IRATA technicians. Over 100 clauses changes have been made, including the delivery of IRATA level 3 theory questions. Level 3 Candidates shall answer 10 theory questions with subjects from:

(TACS v006 - The Theory Examination will cover the following:

a) hazard identification and risk assessment (see clause 6.2.3);

b) selection of access method (see clause 6.2.4);

c) selection of personnel and competence (see clause 6.2.5);

d) safety method statement (see clause 6.2.6);

e) exclusion zones, protection of third parties and permits to work (see clause 6.2.7);

f) planning for emergencies (see clause 6.2.8);

g) first aid and suspension intolerance (see clause 6.2.9);

h) equipment (see clause 6.3).

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